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In the midst of our large-scale transformation program with a team of over 2000 employees and 1500 contractors, it became obvious that our leaders needed to expand their capabilities and apply new approaches to lead through this massive change and increase speed and agility in the organization.  Chris invested time to listen to the team so he could ‘meet us where we were’ in this journey to gauge the leadership capabilities we need to hone to successfully lead through this transformation.


Chris’s style is one that provides direct, honest feedback with a humble spirit that motivated our leadership team to improve.  He exhibits tremendous judgment in seeing the friction in situations and provides techniques to keep the leader from being drawn into the emotional climate, rise above the situation and focus on the organization’s mission and values through reframing techniques.   Chris’s advising and coaching continues to have a tremendous impact in our transformation journey.  I highly recommend Chris Joyner to elevate your leadership effectiveness.


Brian S., SVP Business Transformation & Technology (Fortune 200, Energy Corporation)

I have worked with Chris on multiple occasions. Chris is a true asset to any leader or leadership team. He has a wide array of experience and knowledge, as well as the tactfulness and insight to be able to go deep and force organizations to begin thinking in a new way. He challenges the status quo thinking patterns by asking tough questions and providing guidance and direction on how to reframe crucial conversations so that the best outcome can be achieved for all stakeholders. Even once your formal engagement is over, Chris is exceptional about staying in touch and checking in. He is extremely dependable and I would highly recommend him.

Lindsey A., MBA, Strategy Development (Fortune 50 Company)

In the 4 years I worked with Chris, I experienced more professional and personal growth than I believed possible. He facilitated discussions that guided me but never took over the conversation, always challenging me to do the hard work. He and I tackled some of my toughest professional and personal hurdles, and along the way we built a foundation that I've gone back to countless times. I recommend Chris to anyone who is serious about taking their leadership to the next level.

Meredith V., Director, Consulting Services (Telecom Company)


The top executives in my company met and worked with Chris Joyner earlier this year. Not only did the team enjoy the concepts that he presented, I personally did, as well. My management style was impacted greatly, leading me to become more collaborative. The result is that we now function better than ever!  The takeaway is this: even after being in business for 30 years, you can still learn something new.

Glenn A., CEO (Healthcare Industry)

Chris has been a refreshing voice in my life and leadership. In addition to his experience that brings wisdom and unique perspective, he has proven to be a trustworthy advisor. I can sincerely say that I wouldn't be who I am without his leadership and coaching. 

Jordan S., Executive Level Leader (Large Non-Profit)

I have worked with Chris on several engagements as we helped churches navigate difficult leadership health issues. Chris has a special gift to guide conversations and explore situations at the deepest level. He's not afraid to ask those tough questions, challenging teams to think in new ways. His demeanor is always calm and tactful while navigating the rough waters. Great follow-up too with all my clients, which is rare. I highly recommend Chris for leaders seeking ways to be better leaders!

                                                                                                                                     David E. President, Architecture Firm

I must confess that I wonder where I would be today had Chris Joyner not entered my world. I was giving my very best, trying to lead a medium-sized church in the Midwest. Unfortunately, it felt as if we were spinning our wheels and going nowhere. I was seriously considering whether I should quit and let someone else take over. Enter Chris Joyner. He not only connected with me and understood my pain and struggle, he also connected well with our leaders and people. He coached us, challenged us and encouraged us in a wide variety of venues. In the end, he led us to a much clearer understanding of our mission, vision and values. Our people are now experiencing a renewed level of energy and a brighter hope for tomorrow.

                                                                                                                                                             Mike R., Senior Pastor

Chris is an exceptional leader with profound insight for business executives. He specializes in aligning core values with personal and organizational leadership for growth-minded executives. Chris' commitment to excellence is based on his passion for seeing others succeed. Accelerate your personal and business growth... work with Chris as your top advisor.

Ron K, CEO (Generosity Feeds)

I was privileged to have Chris as my coach during his work with my congregation in the Kansas City area in 2013. Chris is easy to work with, very skilled in what he does, an intuitive and thoughtful leader. He understands the process of adaptive change. He challenges leaders to take thoughtful stands based on principles, while still staying connected to meaningful relationships. He doesn't hesitate to challenge a leader to take a risk for a great cause. His coaching helped me to understand my own gifts, talents, and abilities; and to understand my team. I highly recommend Chris!

                                                                                                                                     Dave M., Senior Pastor